What is dotopia.dk?

Mastodon instance run by Denmark based tech activism collective DO:TOPIA. This space is open to all. Especially tech and federation network newbies. This is a well tended garden. Be nice to members of this and other instances.

Home to 117 users
Who authored 2,745 statuses
Connected to 2,527 other instances

We follow the same guidelines as mastodon.social. I.e. this is not your platform i you are a nazi, fascist, alt right troll, terf, brocialist, white supremacist or anything else oppressive and nasty.

This instance is run by queers, nerds and outcasts in general.

We expect participants to be extra courteous and empathetic towards those who are marginalized or opressed in meatspace societies.

For those who are new to terms like "safer spaces", "norm criticism", "intersectional analysis" and "hegemonic masculinities"; We won't ban you for needing some time to learn, but if someone calls you out please listen and be kind to those more vulnerable than you. You might learn something new.

We expect everyone to invest in building a nurturance culture that all well-meaning members can benefit from.