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Just restarted the instance because we need that for . I don't know why it was giving timeouts, but i tried turning it off and turning it on again and now it worx mastodon.dotopia.dk/media/hWvH

This was last weekend when DO:TOPIA did a hack-your-plants workshop, programming arduino and raspberry pi to control an automatic watering system ~

Thanks to s-rummet.dk/ for hosting us

😂 😂 😂
RuPaul trying to pretend to give a shit about trans women and he uses a striped image about trains instead of the trans flag in a tweet.
😂 😂 😂
I am dead

(His version did not include the trains rights caption)

Så skete det endelig, at jeg kom til at skrive noget lidt mere mundant og hverdagsagtigt - direkte fra brystet og ikke lige så "professionelt" som de andre ting, jeg ellers skriver.

Her er lidt om, hvordan jeg har det, når jeg sidder i offentligheden og kigger på mennesker, med en transfeministisk, normkritisk bog i hånden, og i selskab med min underbevidsthed, der chanter "one of us! one of us!" ved enhver lejlighed, den får.

📰 killjoy.dk/da/Blog/dokidoki/us

"Hvorfor river du Christiansborg ned?"

"Jeg har fået besked på at smadre ghettoer, der huser parallelsamfund, som er på overførselsindhomst, lever efter deres egne regler, taler et uforståeligt dansk og som modarbejder det omkringliggende samfund"


Anyone else on here play Animal Crossing? Feel free to add. My ID is 16304089480

My goofy wife, @Alice, and her art antics in our home. Photo credit: Nadia Narejo

Interviewed Sophie Labelle during the weekend. This is my life now, meeting my idols on stages. We talked and laughed a lot, and Copenhagen was let in on little-known secrets about the Assigned Male universe.

Interview was recorded. Will post later when it’s edited.

(I’m the one with cherry earrings. Sophie said she liked those. @Alice on the right picked them for me.)


Wanna bless my mastodon profile today with this picture of me. Saw myself in the mirror and thought alright it's a good day for a . This upper-body business doesn't even capture my best assets, though. Gender displacement blessed me with long legs. Someone take my picture

For alle interesserede - jeg holder tech/camp hex zine making workshop og hygge på Vestergårdsvej 9, 2400 København Nordvest i dag kl. 14.00. Vær velkommen til at droppe forbi, hvis du ikke allered har travlt med andet. ☕ 🍵
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So, Sophie Labelle, artist behind the Assigned Male webcomics is coming to Copenhagen, and I get to do an interview and workshop with her! Finally some perks to being a local advocate here! Join us october 28th if you're in Copenhagen! 😊

[🇺🇸] killjoy.dk/en/Event/sophie-lab
[🇩🇰] killjoy.dk/da/Event/sophie-lab

It my birthday! 📈 💁
Here's I and @brokkebolle s pug, Coco from a couple days ago. Maybe post a picture of me from today later if I manage to get all this rave out of my hair~ 🌆

Food quality at our computer camp ~ femme solidarity

Food is being served in a moment. No computers allowed on the table

Feeling pretty good about my outfit and finally no longer bedridden due to mysterious infection, so finally got around to do that selfie thing again.

Also, look at how Amazing the living room is becoming thanks to @Alice ~

Here's me smiling a lot over getting icecream at the office. Just because.