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🦄 Laura Mølgaard Tams @laura

Hi Mastodon,
It seems my blog / site about mostly transgender content has been marked as NSFW / adult material by Facebook, and boosting posts on it's corresponding Facebookpage is no longer possible.
Does anyone here have experience with something similar? How am I supposed to deal with it? Already did some articles on Mastodon, but the main target audience stays on Facebook, (no surprise,) so what then? Am I just fucked? There is no actual "adult material" anywhere on the site btw.

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@laura This is an extremely common occurrence with these large platforms. I'm not sure what helps individual cases apart from getting a large number of people to yell at them.

@amydentata how large a number? And do you know what types of yelling works? I can't exactly call on a mob of people to report a post in this case. Is there any formal way to let more people than just me oppose the decision that will make their number easily show?

@laura I have no idea, I don't use Facebook for numerous reasons, this being one of them.

@laura It's a lot of extra work, but could posting the text from your blog as Facebook posts and links through a link shortener help?

@Lilletale what does that mean, exactly? :-) I am already using Facebook as a linking outlet mostly. The content of the site's pages never come on Facebook in full, only excerpts