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Eyo, Mastodon ~ Any on the line? I'm feeling alienated everywhere I go. Trans community around here is all transmasc ppl mostly, queer community is all afab (and oblivious to transmisogyny) and feminist community still treats me like a second degree citizen.

How do you deal with that? I mean. I'm feeling down tonight and need a pat on the back, but also, I'm serious about taking life advice if anyone out there has tips.

@laura I had similar struggles when trying to find a trans community where I lived. Lots of bad experiences put me off and I gave up until I started connecting in person with some of the awesome peeps on masto, it's been a life saver tbh

@Raelynn Thanks. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Seems like I might already running the biggest masto instance based in my country (Denmark). I could be wrong and have missed one, of course. So would be really nice if those trans femmes who have been invisible to me thus far would start bumping into me ~

@laura yeah! You'd be surprised sometimes whose actually close by and such, never hurts to try, I know I'm glad I took the chance. Good luck in your search, a community like that is really really helpful :D

@Raelynn I believe you! I really do get surprised every once in a while. It just happens so rarely.

@laura yeah, I've met one cool group of friends through it and also my current girlfriend whose been amazing. Honestly it's been the main way met people lately lol

🦄 Laura Mølgaard Tams @laura

@Raelynn unfortunately it doesn't seem like a lot of trans folks residing in Denmark use mastodon yet. If you find any, feel free to send them my way! Been meeting trans femmes through Tumblr and OkCupid, lol. And not as many as I would've liked to.

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@laura I've heard of some success with dating sites to meet people too. Whatever works for you ya know :D
Hopefully more join soon, it really helps to have a community of people or at least a group that's there for support when you need it