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Eyo, Mastodon ~ Any on the line? I'm feeling alienated everywhere I go. Trans community around here is all transmasc ppl mostly, queer community is all afab (and oblivious to transmisogyny) and feminist community still treats me like a second degree citizen.

How do you deal with that? I mean. I'm feeling down tonight and need a pat on the back, but also, I'm serious about taking life advice if anyone out there has tips.

@laura ahoy, plenty of #girlslikeus around. Good to see you, is it okay if I boost this for more of my folks to say hi?

🦄 Laura Mølgaard Tams @laura

@memnus Thanks. I think at this point it's already been bosted halfway across the fediverse, but thanks for asking! Feel free to boost.

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@laura as for dealing with misogynist transmasc folks... I'm so sorry. They should really know better. I don't have any concrete advice other than solidarity, I'm afraid. 😐

@memnus Yeah. Misogynist transmasc folks are shit and should know better. There's a few of them around these parts, but they rarely end up in my part of town. It's more the transmasc folks who are cool with benefiting from transmisogyny or those who are just flat out oblivious to other struggles than their own who cause me trouble.

Thing is, though. I removed myself from that part of the community a while ago. Cissexist white feminists are my real heartache tonight. Genitalia-talk iykwim

@laura ugggggggh I know exactly what you mean. I'm so, so sorry.