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🦄 Laura Mølgaard Tams @laura@dotopia.dk

Hi Mastodon,
It seems my blog / site about mostly transgender content has been marked as NSFW / adult material by Facebook, and boosting posts on it's corresponding Facebookpage is no longer possible.
Does anyone here have experience with something similar? How am I supposed to deal with it? Already did some articles on Mastodon, but the main target audience stays on Facebook, (no surprise,) so what then? Am I just fucked? There is no actual "adult material" anywhere on the site btw.

I spent this weekend at code camp - or rather, a feminist camp for women in tech (with more). It's another cool thing we do in DO:TOPIA apart from running this instance and so much else.

If you feel like reading about cyberfeminists getting together in Denmark, some thoughts about finding community and an outlet for frustrations over microaggressions in the IT sector, and memes. Read @nynne's scrapbook (with photos!):
📰 killjoy.dk/en/Tech/camphex-201

Just restarted the instance because we need that for . I don't know why it was giving timeouts, but i tried turning it off and turning it on again and now it worx mastodon.dotopia.dk/media/hWvH

Eyo, Mastodon ~ Any on the line? I'm feeling alienated everywhere I go. Trans community around here is all transmasc ppl mostly, queer community is all afab (and oblivious to transmisogyny) and feminist community still treats me like a second degree citizen.

How do you deal with that? I mean. I'm feeling down tonight and need a pat on the back, but also, I'm serious about taking life advice if anyone out there has tips.

Eyo. I dag er jeg så i Politiken med et debatindlæg om regeringens LGBTI-handlingsplan og det der "videnscenter" om transkønnede, som jeg synes er en rigtig dårlig idé, i hvert fald hvis det bliver lagt hos Sexologisk Klinik som jo har begået deciderede menneskerettighedskrænkelser mod transkønnede.

Og så har jeg skrevet det sammen med Mr. Gay Denmark 2018! Niels Jansen. 🦄 🚂


Oh yeah, btw, I wrote a thing (it's only in danish so far) on


Also, if you are in Copenhagen on the 23th, join us for SlutWalk!

Ehhh. Sorry for not tooting for a month. I'm still alive I promise. Hiii ~ Mastodonnn

Ay masto friends, got any good slogans for a SlutWalk? I'm organising one.

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You won't find better prices anywhere! We're practically giving genders away! Iiittt'sss

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