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Florence Björk Kummer @florence@dotopia.dk

jeg har altid været meget forundret over hvor de befinder sig og hvad de ellers laver....

min største drøm i livet er at være personen, der siger: "her er s-tog"...

Jeg er overbevist om at 'pasta' er flertal. I ental hedder det da 'pastum'…


it's called a full moon because this is the time when the moon is full from all the dreams it has eaten all month

Item 1: "Per" is a scandinavian male name.

Item 2: *sona

Persona: what you would look like if your name was Per.

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If you want to help the environment theres like 90 people responsible for the vast bulk of climate change. Guillotines are cheap. Do the math.

I spent this weekend at code camp - or rather, a feminist camp for women in tech (with more). It's another cool thing we do in DO:TOPIA apart from running this instance and so much else.

If you feel like reading about cyberfeminists getting together in Denmark, some thoughts about finding community and an outlet for frustrations over microaggressions in the IT sector, and memes. Read @nynne's scrapbook (with photos!):
📰 killjoy.dk/en/Tech/camphex-201

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Just restarted the instance because we need that for . I don't know why it was giving timeouts, but i tried turning it off and turning it on again and now it worx mastodon.dotopia.dk/media/hWvH