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Help me repair my bike! Show more

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If you want to see proof of my complete lack in photography skills, you can see them in two places now: and 📸

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Hi! I guess I sort of moved (again). I miss having a diverse, LGBTQ friendly, digital rights interested and most of all hyggelig local timeline. The other instances I'm on are either filling up with techbros or filled with newsbots. I know this is a small an pretty quiet instance, but I feel like I'll feel more at home here.

I toot about digital issues, fiber arts, theatre (and funding arts), prose writing and life in general.

So hello, world!

I fell asleep at the dentist chair 😬

I'm rehearsing . In other words: I'm on a train 🚞

I got some me-time and started doodling on Adventures in Translation. I'll start witht the bitter parts and to the more colourful things when I have crayons. 🖍

Here's the 2018 Doctor Who trailer. ^_^ It's only a teaser, introducing the new companions and - of course - the new Doctor, but damn, I'm stoked. =:D

Dreamed last night that Christina Aguilera imprisoned Elon Musk in her cellar. Everyone knew but no-one reported her to the cops because she was doing a public good by locking him up.

I wish I could pluck the lamp from my ceiling fan and use it as a shining gemstone.

I don't need to become a billionaire. I can be millionaire, it's enough. Will you gather money for me to become one? I'll become a sensation and smile from the cover of vanityfair, and you'll know you contributed.

You can leave your money here:

Hey and people!

I've realised that the about section on my Patreon is too long and needs some fixing.
I'm more than thankful for feedback on the text, so please, help me out here.
I don't know what I can give in return, but I'm sure there's something 💐

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut the arts funding in favour of the war effort, he simply replied, "Then what are we fighting for?"

Good morning, here's a way to ruin fantasy:

Imagine if fantasy worlds had as prevalent advertising as we do, now. Castles? Covered in billboards. Ancient ruins? Totally covered in graffiti.

Every dirt road is lined with flyers and ads. Your armor is covered in logos. You use a sword? Prepare for every other warrior to comment endlessly about the superiority of their smith over yours but geez have you even considered using a sword that wasn't smithed by a vassal of the king?

And fuck it, I'm building a cargo bike into a theatre while I'm at it. Then I can fuck off and freelance and do Tour de Nora without human interaction.
Beware of my one person theatre troupe

I hate looking for a job. Right now I'm applying for a job at a bike shop because fuck everything, except bikes.

[A Malaphor is when you mix two metaphors to create a new one]

Standing On The Back Of Idioms

Perhaps I don’t tell them I’m a malaphor,
languages half and half, a new thing built on deconstruction.
I’ll be glad to see the back of this can of worms,
I say,
Good things come to people who don’t cry over spilt bridges.

#poetry #writing #corvusrobotica #mastoart

(Help me eat and survive London? My Paypal is

I love these Bluetooth headphone earrings because they are exactly the sort of thing mid-century futurists were hoping for by the year 2000.